Greetings, family, and good morning. Welcome to my blog. I appreciate you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit my blog. Therefore, I am very thankful.

Last Friday,¬† I was experiencing some technical difficulties with my internet and was not able to post. Anyhow, this week, my guest blogger is Minister¬† Jackson Moore. He is the author of ” 30 Years a Slave,” available on Amazon, Kindle, and other e-reader services. In his book, Jackson exposes the darkness behind pornography addiction and shares Christ’s deliverance power to overcome its grasp. So please pick up your copy today.

Today’s blog will take you to Jacksons video link of today’s topic, “The Men.” So after watching the link, please return to the website and leave a comment and contact information. 5923598156271&id=100022159159618&sfnsn=mo

Again, thank you for visiting.

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