I Choose to Win by Perry L Walker Jr.

Winning in life is a choice! However, when faced with circumstances and challenges that say otherwise, then winning may appear to be a losing battle. I Choose to Win is a collection of life experiences shared by Perry Walker. In this book, he allows himself to be vulnerable regarding events that happened in his life.

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Perry L Walker Jr. is an author, music producer, and a Marine Corps veteran from Austin, Texas. He is the husband of Keshah Darden Walker, the father of four beautiful children and has three grandchildren. Perry Walker became a Christian while serving in the Desert Storm campaign and is very passionate about his faith. His chief focus in life is to help others to see the greatness in their lives through Christ. Although he regularly engages those who do not believe there is a God, he never belittles them for their lack of faith. Perry seeks to share his faith with the hope that those that do not believe will come to believe in Christ.

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